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Celeste Santoyo RN Holistic Nurse Healer, New York City


        Conscious expansion is a healing process, which works directly on healing the energy of the soul. Soul wounds affect every aspect of health and illness. All ailments in life whether they manifest in dysfunctional relations or physical disease are soul wounds which are being called to healing and integration. Through this work one is able to release patterns which no longer serve, and cultivate a deeper understanding of holism and wisdom. The integration of the soul is the true purpose of the human experience.
        Celeste Santoyo is a Critical Care Registered nurse who is trained in reiki, integrated energy therapy, spiritual alchemy, therapeutic touch and chakra alignment. Through her work as a nurse and training with various healing modalities she has developed the process of Conscious Expansion which assists clients in achieving a greater sense of clarity and over all wellness.

Sessions begin with a 15min discussion which serves to establish a rapport and an energetic connection. Celeste will then create a sacred environment and enter into a more focused state of consciousness. During this time Celeste is guided to assist you in transmuting soul wounds which are being called into healing. During this portion of the session you will be resting on a healing table fully clothed and Celeste will be administering “safe touch” on and around your physical body. This will take approximately 45min. The session will concludes with a 15min follow up discussion.
Location: Upper West Side Manhattan
Session: $125.00

Call for appointment: 917-617-2794 ~ or email: